Consulting for Sports marketing,
Sponsoring and Management



  • Together with the client, definition of communication targets to be reached trough sponsorship activities.
  • Development of generally fitting sponsorship projects and opportunities.
  • Checking on basic questions concerning event projects versus co-operation with individuals as well as concentration on professional versus amateur fields.
  • Joint definition of an ideal sponsorship considering the existing communication concept as well as various external and internal communication targets and client-specific conditions.
  • Joint planning on a conceptional connection of the sponsorships with other communication elements within the marketing mix.
  • Joint definition of a budget for sponsoring activities.


  • Sifting through all of client's existing sponsorships as well as selection of projects to extend, to diminish or to terminate on the basis of the sponsoring concept.
  • Negotiating sponsorships with selected events, projects or individuals.
  • Closing of sponsorship contracts in closest co-ordination with client's legal advisors or departments.
  • Client receives regular information on all planned and implemented activities as well as on external developments relating to the respective sponsoring project.
  • Integration in organisational implementation to accompany and control the agreed sponsorship rights and benefits in close co-ordination with client's respective staff.
  • Follow-up on sponsorships as provision of a final report with assessments and eventual suggestions for improvements.
  • Co-ordination and control of eventual third parties providing special services for the sponsoring concept and for the implementation of the respective sponsorships, such as for statistics, market analyses, services and displays, graphics and prints etc.